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Wellington Conservation Center is home to all unwanted, abandoned and injured animals. We care for orphaned birds, mammals and specialize in conservation of South American exotics who are endangered from habitat loss and poaching.

We are a conservation center supported from grants, trusts and local sponsors. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization located in Wellington, Florida, and are licensed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Department. All donations are 100% tax deductible and directly aid in the caring of the animals.

Who We Are / What We Do

At the Center, we treat, rehabilitate and/or return to the wild any animal(s) that we can.  After caring for large mammals in Chicago for 20 years, our Florida location is more suited to our wildlife program.  We also relocate and place large mammals such as bears and exotic cats to other specialized locations throughout the country.




We are not open to the general public. Please call for reservations as we will be giving guided tours by appointment only.

Tour times: 10:30 am, 12:30 pm, 2:30pm

$20 for adults, $15 for kids 10 and under

Call for Reservations at (954) 448-1044

Construction Progress

Most of our enclosures are completed. Tours are now available. Call for a reservation.

Wellington Conservation Center recently leased 100 acres in northern Wisconsin to build out a Black Bear Sanctuary. At our northern location, we will be accepting bears that are either nuisance bears, injured and cannot be returned to the wild or orphans. Please help us with funding for fencing and construction for this project. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.


In addition to rescuing all animals, our primary concern is with preservation of endangered animals, such as lemurs and sloths. We would welcome any financial support from any organization and/or individual(s) who share in our beliefs.

In addition, are in the process of building out 100 acres in Northern Wisconsin for a Black Bear Sanctuary.

We are in need of chain linked fencing, posts and concrete culverts. The enclosures for the black bears will be 2-3 acre sites to replicate a natural habitat for them not a small cage. Any donation would be greatly appreciate.

Please call (954) 448-1044 for further information.


Wellington Conservation Center is proud to announce the arrival of a baby capybara, LuLu.

Educational Programs

Wellington Conservation Center will accept on site interns working with Universities to acquire college credit.

We will also have educational trips to various offsite locations such as schools, senior citizen homes and other special needs facilities requiring us to present our program.

Schools, clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scout Troops are welcomed. Earn your badges through participation in our Conservation Center. Call for details. (954) 448-1044.